Hey there! Thanks for coming back for another update. 

Check out last week's update here.

Check out our new tool to help drive screws at the trellis work station!

Before we dive in, we have a couple housekeeping items to run through. 

Response Times
The past few weeks have been pretty brutal on the communications side of things. We are very sorry about the delayed responses, but most of our team is prioritizing production and shipping. This leaves a very small team handling the high volume of incoming messages across Reddit, Instagram, Facebook, phone, and email. Admittedly, we’ve crept above 5 business days for some responses, but we are working to get response times back down to a more reasonable 2 business days. We greatly appreciate your patience as we work our way to your message.

When we include a color on the "What Shipped?" list, please be aware that this does not mean every order for that color has shipped. We are rotating colors in and out of production as we work our way through the queue.

Gaming Headrests
Gaming headrests make up a big portion of our orders. Many of those orders came in during the first few days of the pre-order, so that timeframe makes up the bulk of our pre-order queue. We are incredibly grateful to have so much support so early on in the pre-order, and we want to emphasize that we are not pushing your order to the side or forgetting about you if your order has not shipped yet. We thank you for your patience as we prepare each and every headrest to meet our highest standard.

We are currently waiting on more white arm parts to arrive. We're expecting those in the next week, so we'll be getting into more of the white frame variants as soon as we get the parts to do so.

As promised in our update last week, we have been hammering through the Black Sync variants. This includes Black Gaming, Black/Cyan Gaming, and Black Sync White frame. We're excited to share that this week was definitely more of a firehose level output! 

What shipped?
Please note: This does not mean all orders in these colors have shipped. Some colors will require multiple batches due to high order volume. We are rotating colors in and out of production as we move through the queue.

  • Initial batches of Blue Grotto Medley Graphite Frame (EG1T1HA14)
  • Initial batches of Charcoal Medley Graphite Frame (EG1G11HA03)
  • Black Sync Graphite Frame/Black Gaming (EG1G13SY12)
  • Black/Cyan Gaming (EG1TCY3SY12)
  • Black Sync White Frame (E91T3SY12)
  • Nightfall Sync Graphite Frame (EG1T3SY08)
  • Black Rhythm Graphite Frame (EG1G13014)

What's next?

  • Continuing the colors we had in production this week with graphite and white frames
  • Charcoal Rhythm Graphite and White Frame
  • Less common colors in Medley
  • Less common colors in Rhythm

Adjusting Your New Headrest
We've been seeing some questions around adjusting the tension of the headrest, so we crafted up this video guide to assist you in getting your headrest set up to meet your unique comfort style. 

Thanks so much for checking out this week's update. Please check back this time next week for another update on the status of production and what's shipping! 

With gratitude,
Your friends at Atlas Headrest