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Customer satisfaction is our goal. Your Atlas headrest comes with a 3 year warranty. Fabric warranty period is 90 days. This warranty covers workmanship, functionality, and breakage, under normal use. It does not cover aesthetics, such as scratches or scuffs, or abuse, such as fabric rips, snags, soiled or stained. We reserve the right to repair, replace or refund your purchase, at our discretion. Please contact us at orders@atlasheadrest.com with your warranty concern. Pictures or videos of your concern are very helpful. We will diagnose and make the final determination whether the issue is specifically covered under the warranty and eligible for repair.

Herman Miller has thoroughly evaluated our headrest over the years. They concluded that when installed according to our instructions, the headrest will not void the chair warranty.

We source our mesh from the same supplier as Herman Miller. Every color will perfectly match the mesh on your chair.

We have a guide to help you through the process of selecting the proper headrest, but before you go there, here are 4 steps you might find helpful.

  1. Chair Model: You will need to determine the model (either classic or remastered) and the Aeron Chair frame color (Graphite, Carbon or Mineral). It’s easy, our guide will help. But if you prefer just send photos of your chair to info@atlasheadrest.com., we will identify it for you.
  2. Headrest Type: You will need to decide which type of head support you would like, either a cushion type in Fabric or Synthetic leather, or the Suspension type, which will match the fabric on your Aeron. Our guide has the attributes of each type of head support to help you decide.
  3. Aeron Model Colors: The Classic Aeron was introduced in 1994 and is still produced today. The remastered Aeron was introduced in 2016. The chair frame color of about 90% of Aerons, both Classic and Remastered are Graphite in color, which is very dark, nearly black. Remastered chair frame colors also include Carbon (medium grey) and Mineral (light grey-nearly white).
  4. Aeron Fabrics: In most cases, the Classic fabric color is very dark, nearly black with a wide (about 3/8 inch wide) vertical stripe pattern. If your Classic does not look like this, you have a special Aeron and we recommend that you send an image to us for identification.

The remastered fabric vertical patterns are narrow and evenly spaced. Color Comparison

Yes. Our headrests fit all sizes and models of Aeron chairs. See our guide for color matching

This is not normal. Disassembly or mishandling can impact the slide bearings. Please contact us and we will gladly help to correct the situation.

We sell headrests designed for the Aeron. We do not sell the chair.

There are three sizes of Aerons, an A, B or C size. The C size has the tallest back. The easiest way to determine if it will fit you is to sit in your chair and have someone measure from the top of the chair to the top vertebrae (called Atlas) where your spine meets the base of the skull. If it measures 11 inches or less it will fit you. If it is more than 11 inches, you will need a larger size Aeron. If you're sitting in the right size chair our headrest covers 95% of the population.

There are size identification bumps located on the top center of the chair. If you reach under the top center part of the frame you can feel the bumps. A size has one bump, B size has two and the C size has three.

The profile of the headrest is designed to fit the curve of the back of the neck. Adjust the headrest vertically until it fits into the curve. Tighten the knob enough to hold that position when you are reclined. Do not over tighten, you will want to change the height by sliding it up or down without loosening and retightening the knob. Then tighten the knob on the horizontal slide enough to hold its position when reclining. Do not over tighten, you will want to change positions without loosening and retightening the knob. We recommend changing work positions frequently, including repositioning of the headrest.

Herman Miller has made a number of limited finish options. If you send us an image we can identify it and make a headrest recommendation. info@atlasheadrest.com

The cushion headrest reaches up 9" (23cm) above the top of the chair to make proper contact with your Atlas Vertebrae. The suspension headrest is a bit larger and will reach up to 11" (28cm) above the top of the chair to make proper contact with your Atlas Vertebrae.

Our headrests fit on any Aeron regardless of age, Classic or Remastered. The only difference is the mesh and plastic components were developed to perfectly match the chair they were intended for. Putting a Remastered headrest on a Classic chair will mean the mesh or other materials may be different colors. The same is true for a Classic headrest on a Remastered chair.