Headrest for Embody Chair - Rhythm Fabric

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Update - August 30, 2023: We are currently estimating 6 to 8 weeks for new orders of Embody chair headrests

What's the story behind this headrest?
Our team of designers and engineers, based in West Michigan, have spent their careers in the office furniture industry, inspired by companies like Haworth, MillerKnoll, and Steelcase. We believe that well-designed headrests are essential for good postural health and ergonomics, especially when reclining.

We have watched and participated in moving office task seating from the cubicle into new settings, like the home.

Just as height adjustable desks undeniably allow for better postural health, well designed headrests do the same. So, with postural health and a passion for ergonomics in mind -  we concluded that chairs are better with a properly designed headrest, especially when you recline.

We're looking forward to you experiencing our new headrest first hand. The benefits and comfort of ergonomically optimized cervical support for the Embody chair are within reach.

Why did this take so long?
Designing and engineering the headrest from scratch and organizing production with suppliers has been laborious, especially during the pandemic, but we've refused to cut corners. We're a small company with limited resources, but we believe you'll be happy with the results.

Once again, thank you for your support, and we look forward to providing you with a high-quality headrest for your Embody chair!

How do I determine my fabric type and color?
You should have a sticker on the underside of the top of your chair. This sticker will have the color code for your fabric. You can cross reference that with the list below.

Stone 1HA01
Trail 1HA02
Charcoal 1HA03
Cinder 1HA04
Citrus 1HA05
Papaya 1HA06
Chutney 1HA07
Tundra 1HA08
Feather Grey 1HA09
Chartreuse 1HA10
Loden 1HA11
Peacock 1HA12
Bayou 1HA13
Blue Grotto 1HA14
Blueberry 1HA15
Khaki 1HA22
Pewter 1HA23
Yellow Oxide 1HA24
Vintage Rose 1HA25
Raspberry 1HA26
Acai Berry 1HA27


Green Apple 3002
Peacock 3003
Bayou 3004
Berry Blue 3005
Iris 3006
Twilight 3007
Black 3014
Charcoal 3015


Pine Cone 3SY01
Citron 3SY02
Canyon 3SY03
Truffle 3SY04
Wild Berry 3SY05
Everglade 3SY06
Glacier 3SY07
Nightfall 3SY08
Dark Mineral 3SY09
Slate Grey 3SY10
Dark Carbon 3SY11
Black 3SY12
Amethyst 3SYA1
Galaxy Z1823

Customer Reviews

Based on 84 reviews
Hussain Muthaffar

Worth every penny and the wait! Been wanting the headrest for my embody since I got it and I’m very satisfied with this one!

Curtis Griffin
Embody Atlas Headrest

Good afternoon,
I am writing from Japan. I must say that the headrest took longer than I expected to get here, but it was worth the wait. It was easy to install, and after doing so I laid my head on it and I felt like my head was resting on a cloud. The comfortability of it definitely exceeded my expectations. Thank you for making such a wonderful product for the Embody chair. When looking at it at first glance it doesn’t look as sturdy, but it is indeed. Very nice, Atlas. Very nice!

Nathan Lax

This thing works better than I thought it would, and looks great too! 5 stars, recommended. Pricey, but worth it!

Perfect accompaniment to the Embody!

Just like the title says, really love my headrest and it pairs perfectly with the chair. It surpassed my expectations with regard to how it matches the stock look. If you have the Embody and want somewhere to rest your head, this is a no question buy.

Ivan Beljic

Everything is just perfect, colors and materials match perfectly, it os soft and comfortable and the adjustements are just right!

Evan Strait

This headrest is such a WIN! Legitimately looks OEM when installed and everything from the installation to the adjustments, materials and style is perfect. Being able to adjust forward and backward, up and down, plus the headrest itself tilts to adjust further means you can find the perfect position. Atlas Headrest knocked it way out of the park with this one!

Great Product!

Excellent finish and product as usual from Atlas Headrest!

Chair is now complete!

Joined on the last day of the pre-order and ended up waiting just shy under 4 months. Good things come to those who are patience and wow, the headrest has now elevated a what was once near-perfect chair! Thank you Atlas, was looking forward to this product since I got my Embody 2 years ago!

Benjamin Weil
Amazing fit/color match & highly recommend

Amazing fit and color match. I'm very happy with the headrest and it's useful even when I lean slightly back. I'm really happy I made this purchase and would highly recommend.
I purchased the: Headrest for Embody Chair - Rhythm Fabric × 1 // Charcoal Rhythm Graphite Frame

Youtuber "Ahnestly" has a recent video review that might be helpful, if you're on the fence for buying (as well as an older prototype review, that I found very useful and led me to purchasing this headrest).

Great aftermarket improvement that is seamless with the OEM chair

Excellent engineering and design. Only wish was that it would be available with the original Balance fabric that my chair is wrapped in.


All of our headrests are designed with ergonomics at the forefront.
Trust us, your spine will thank you.


Adjust position vertically, horizontally, and tilt to perfection. Adjust it to your personal preference, no matter your height.


Herman Miller should sell this with the chair. The engineering is incredible...
I recommend this 100%.

Brandon Middleton

Very comfortable, easy to adjust height and extension... Installation was quick and looks like it belongs on the chair.

Lane Roathe

This is the perfect addition to my home office! I thought I had it all with the Aeron. This is a must have!