Headrest for Aeron Gaming Chair

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Our gaming headrest matches your black chair. Available in original Black Gaming fabric, released in late 2020 and discontinued in August 2021, and the Black / Onyx Ultra Matte, released in September 2021. Please contact us if you're unsure of your color choice.

We are excited to offer our highly anticipated headrest to match the Black Gaming Aeron Chair. This is an exact color match across all materials.

Level up to an Atlas Headrest for your gaming chair. Get the best possible head support  so you can comfortably game for hours on end.

Hands down the best headrest ever available for your chair. Built from the ground up to magnificently complement your chair and maximize your ergonomic investment.

Materials and workmanship have been perfected to flawlessly match your chair. Proudly Designed, Engineered, and Manufactured in the USA.

Not sure if you have an Aeron Black Gaming chair? See our FAQ or visit the Herman Miller store here

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Customer Reviews

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Daniel Lind
Great upgrade

I do really like this headrest. So good for the neck support. I think that the Aeron chair is so much more complete with the headrest, even though that HM claims that if your chair is good enough, you don't need a headrest.
Happy costumer

Richard Piemonte
Nice addition

It took a while to learn the best position for head and neck support, without affecting the Aeron chair's natural posture alignment. Be careful not to adjust the depth, so that it pushes your head to far forward. Finding a neural position may take some time.Placing it to low, will support your neck, but not your head, causing your head to lean to far back. I found that the base of your skull up to the crown, should contact the headrest, and the neck will also be supported. It's only meant for reclining, and should not contact your head when sitting upright.I watch TV in my chair, and recline, at least partially, most of the time. The headrest takes the strain off your cervicle spine, and allows you to relax the muscles in your shoulders

James King
Perfect match for your Aeron Chair

The Atlas headrest so far has been great, it's a perfect colour match for my black Aeron chair (Bought via the Gaming side of Herman Millers website), and the quality feels just as good as the chair itself, and would fool me if you said it was from the Herman Miller factory, I'm extremely impressed so far. Shipping to the UK was easy, painless and quicker than expected, with no extra customs fees to pay either, but I'm not sure if I was just lucky as I was half expecting a slip through the door with a duty fee to pay.

At first I was unsure wether the Mesh Atlas headrest was going to be the one for me, for a couple of reasons.

The first, I wasn't completely sure which colour I needed to purchase in order to get that perfect match, but after reaching out to Customer Support, "Graci L" was amazing in confirming the correct headrest I needed to get the look I wanted. If you have any questions about any of the Atlas Products, I'd strongly suggest reaching out, they're super friendly, responsive and help answer any and all questions.

And secondly, I'd seen some less than positive reviews out there about the Atlas Headrest, and although still slightly concerned mine might eventually end up in a similar state, again, via the customer support, Graci was able to confirm that the original 90 day warranty on the mesh, has now, at the time of me ordering at the start of March 2023, been extended to the same length of 3 years as the rest of the headrest which gave me the confidence to place an order knowing Atlas will stand behind their product for 3 years.

I'm only a month in, but so far, I've enjoyed having a headrest on my chair again, allowing me to lean back and ponder about decisions occasionally throughout the day and would recommend it if you're considering a headrest for yourself that looks and feels as high quality as the chair itself.

Akira Nakagawa
good product

fast shipping

Adrien Fajfr

Headrest for Aeron Gaming Chair

Hara Takuhiro
Great headrest

First, the design matches the Aeron Gaiming Chair perfectly. And it's soft and easy to adjust. I thought there was no better headrest than this.

Great Experience

Super-fast shipping & excellent product. All we can ask for.

Oluwatosin Jones

Headrest for Aeron Gaming Chair

Hongye Zhai

Headrest for Aeron Gaming Chair

Mike M
Great Headrest

I have been using the Atlas headrest for about 3 weeks. It is well built, matches the Herman Miller Aeron Gaming Chair perfectly, it is easy to assemble and attach to the Aeron Gaming Chair. The head rest is extremely comfortable, and the adjustments are very flexible. The only downside is where the headrest attaches to the chair back, needs to be tightened a few times as you "break-in" the headrest. It may be my error as I may not have tightened the headrest enough when I first installed it. I find this to be minor issue given the overall quality of the headrest. I looked at headrests for less money but did not feel they were of the same quality. I would highly recommend the Atlas Headrest for the Aeron Gaming Chair.


All of our headrests are designed with ergonomics at the forefront.
Trust us, your spine will thank you.


Adjust position vertically, horizontally, and tilt to perfection. Adjust it to your personal preference, no matter your height.


Herman Miller should sell this with the chair. The engineering is incredible...
I recommend this 100%.

Brandon Middleton

Very comfortable, easy to adjust height and extension... Installation was quick and looks like it belongs on the chair.

Lane Roathe

This is the perfect addition to my home office! I thought I had it all with the Aeron. This is a must have!