Meet Your New Best Friend

Here at Atlas Headrest, we want you to feel the support, no matter how you sit. Our headrests are equipped with a wide range of adjustability to follow you into your next position as your comfort needs change throughout the course of your day. Whether you’re a recliner, a task worker, a postural master, or looking to take a quick rest in between tasks, we’ve got you covered.

Our Core Pillars


Our headrests are designed to provide the ultimate ergonomic support


The long-term benefits of improved posture and reduced physical stress


Same premium materials trusted by industry leaders like Herman Miller,


The Atlas Headrest for the Herman Miller Aeron Chair was designed to help the chair do more of what it does best: Provide postural choice and comfort, from fully upright to reclined.

Created by a development engineer who holds 17 patents with Herman Miller and a former Herman Miller designer, who also worked closely with designers Bill Stumpf and Don Chadwick. The Atlas Headrest is the brain child of Robert Beck and Dennis Foley who had a combined 40 plus years at the company.

Research, design and development of the headrest was done in a way that is consistent with everything they learned at Herman Miller. It was with deep respect to Herman Miller, Bill Stumpf and Don Chadwick that they took on this endeavor. Atlas offers you an accessory that will invigorate your love affair with your Aeron chair, the world’s most successful task chair. Dennis Foley passed away in 2015 and his son, Andrew Foley, carries on his legacy in this business.

Your Next Position Is Your Best Position

Get used to moving your headrest regularly - you should be moving regularly too. We believe that a static headrest makes for a stiff seat. You should be able to adjust your headrest with ease from a seated position. Remember to follow the natural curvature of your neck, and nestle the headrest right at the base of your cranium.