Welcome back for another look into production and shipping!
Check out last week's update here.

As we mentioned last week, we are hitting the Black Sync variants hard over the next couple weeks. Black Sync fabric is used in three variants and makes up a large portion of the orders we received, but don't worry! We haven't stopped producing the less common colors. We are just hammering on the high volume colors while the supply is ample. This week was a garden hose flow for Black Sync. Next week, we'll be kicking it up to fire hose! 

We received the white arm components we had been waiting on, so white frame variants are coming down the line again. We've also received the Cyan back plastic, so more of the Black/Cyan gaming variant is back in production and shipping this week as well.

Response Times
We are receiving an exceptionally high volume of incoming inquires. We have a small team working through all the inquiries across Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, phone, and email which is causing an extended delay in response times across all platforms. We greatly appreciate your patience as we work our way to your message.

What shipped?
Please note: This does not mean all orders in these colors have shipped. Some colors will require multiple batches due to high order volume. We are rotating colors in and out of production as we move through the queue.
  • Black Sync Graphite Frame/Black Gaming - EG1G13SY12 
  • Black Sync White Frame - E91T3SY12
  • Black/Cyan Gaming - EG1TCY3SY12
  • Nightfall Sync Graphite Frame - EG1T3SY08
  • Black Rhythm Graphite Frame - EG1G13014
  • White Galaxy Gaming - E91TGLZ1823
What's next? 
  • Black/Cyan - EG1TCY3SY12
  • Black Sync Graphite/White Frame - EG1G13SY12/E91T3SY12
  • Dark Carbon Sync White Frame - E91T3SY11
  • Charcoal Rhythm White/Graphite Frame - E91T3015/EG1T3015
  • Black Rhythm White Frame - EG1G13014

Early Pre-orderers:
We know you guys have been holding on the longest. We are so grateful to have your support from the very beginning. We have not forgotten about you, and we do not take your early support for granted. As we move into June, we understand many of you are wondering why your headrest has not yet shipped. When the pre-order first opened on the evening of 12/29/2022, it was comparable to a dam giving way. We received an incredible number of orders within the first few hours of launching. Please be assured that we are working through this high volume of orders as quickly as we can.

Less Common Colors
For those of you who have colors that have not been mentioned in the updates, we've not forgotten about you! Your color has not yet started production, but we aim to have all colors into production soon. These colors are lower volume, so we will be making progress quickly once they are into production.

How can I tell if my order shipped/I was part of a batch?
When your label is printed, you will immediately get a shipping notification to the email on file for your order.
Thanks so much for following along with our updates! Tune in next week for another dive into what's going on behind the scenes. 

With gratitude,
Yours friends at Atlas Headrest