Hello! Thanks for coming to check out this week's update on shipping progress and the current state of production.
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Diving right in, we want to address the Gaming headrests and any variant using Black Sync fabric. (EG1G13SY12, EG1TCY3SY12, E91T3SY12) We hear your shipping concerns loud and clear. One of our biggest pain points so far has been matching the supply of Black Sync to the demand we've received.

Since we began shipping, we have been dripping Black Sync where we have the resources to do so. Our cushion supplier was producing Rhythm in bulk, so we have had a limited amount of Black Sync to spread across the different variants we offer using this color fabric. We're excited to share that we will be moving Black Sync into higher production over the next two weeks. Next week, we're expecting to kick fulfillment up to a garden hose level. The following week, we'll be aiming for a firehose level of fulfillment.

As productions evolves, it is becoming clearer that our goal to fulfill all remaining pre-orders in the next 6-7 weeks is attainable. Our cushion supplier is continuing to ramp up their production, and our own producing of the cushion is also well underway. 

Response Times
We are receiving an exceptionally high volume of incoming inquires. We have a small team working through all the inquiries across Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, phone, and email which is causing an extended delay in response times across all platforms. We greatly appreciate your patience as we work our way to your message.

    How can I tell if my order shipped/I was part of a batch?
    When your label is printed, you will immediately get a shipping notification to the email on file for your order.

    Early Pre-orderers:
    We know you guys have been holding on the longest. We are so grateful to have your support from the very beginning. We have not forgotten about you, and we do not take your early support for granted. As we move into June, we understand many of you are wondering why your headrest has not yet shipped. When the pre-order first opened on the evening of 12/29/2022, it was comparable to a dam giving way. We received an incredible number of orders within the first few hours of launching. Please be assured that we are working through this high volume of orders as quickly as we can.

    Less Common Colors
    For those of you who have colors that have not been mentioned in the updates, we've not forgotten about you! Your color has not yet started production, but we aim to have all colors into production soon. These colors are lower volume, so we will be making progress quickly once they are into production.


    • We are currently waiting on components for the white arm stalks. The shipment is set to arrive next week, so we'll be getting those back into production as soon as we have the parts.
    • We are currently waiting on a shipment of Cyan back plastic. This will also be arriving next week with production and order fulfillment following close behind.

    What shipped? 
    Please note: This does not mean all orders in these colors have shipped. Some colors will require multiple batches due to high order volume. We are rotating colors in and out of production as we move through the queue.

    • Dark Carbon Sync Graphite Frame (EG1T3SY11)
    • Twilight Rhythm Graphite Frame (EG1T3007)
    • Canyon Sync Graphite Frame (EG1T3SY03)
    • Blue Grotto Medley Graphite Frame (EG1T1HA14)
    • Black Sync Graphite Frame (EG1G13SY12) Note: this variant includes both the Black/Black Gaming variant as well as the non-gaming Black Sync + Graphite Frame 
    • Black Rhythm Graphite Frame (EG1G13014)
    • Charcoal Rhythm Graphite Frame (EG1T3015)

    What's next? 

    • Black Sync Graphite and White Frames (EG1G13SY12 & E91T3SY12)
    • Gaming Black Sync Graphite Frame Cyan back (EG1TCY3SY12)
    • Nightfall Sync Graphite & White Frames (EG1T3SY08 & E91T3SY08)
    • Dark Carbon Sync Graphite & White frames (EG1T3SY11 & E91T3SY11)
    • Canyon Sync Graphite & White Frames (EG1T3SY03 & E91T3SY03)
    • Black Rhythm Graphite & White Frames (EG1G13014 & EG1T3014)
    • Twilight Rhythm Graphite & White Frames (EG1T3007 & E91T3007)
    • More of the less common colors in Medley

    What colors have we started producing so far?
    Note: These colors are rotating in and out of production as we move through the queue. The only variant which has been completed is Black Sync Graphite Frame Translucent Back(EG1T3SY12).

    • Black Sync + Graphite Frame + Graphite back (EG1G13SY12) Note: this variant includes both the Black/Black Gaming variant as well as the non-gaming Black Sync + Graphite Frame
    • Black/Cyan Gaming: Black Sync + Graphite Frame + Cyan back (EG1TCY3SY12)
    • Black Sync + White Frame + Translucent Back (E91T3SY12)
    • Black Sync + Graphite Frame + Translucent Back (EG1T3SY12)
    • Berry Blue + Graphite/White Frame (EG1T3005 & E91T3005)
    • Black Rhythm + Graphite/White Frame (EG1G13014 & EG1T3014)
    • Charcoal Rhythm + Graphite/White Frame (E91T3015)
    • Galaxy Gaming (E91TGLZ1823)
    • Dark Mineral Graphite Frame (EG1T3SY09)
    • Twilight Rhythm + Graphite/White Frame (EG1T3007 & E91T3007)
    • Canyon Sync + Graphite/White Frame (E91T3SY03 & EG1T3SY03)

    Thanks so much for reading this week's update. Please check back next week for another dive into where we're at with production and shipping.

    With gratitude,
    Your friends at Atlas Headrest 

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