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Making enthusiast grade headrests to complement the amazing chairs that Herman Miller has produced is hard work. Countless hours are being spent developing ergonomically optimized solutions for more chairs than Aeron.

Designing a new headrest from scratch to be congruent with existing design language takes time and amazing talent. Engineering it to match the quality and longevity of your chair is no small feat. Obsessing over the details of manufacturing and material selection for our products is never-ending. To do things the right way, we have been very busy collaborating with our deep bench of former Herman Miller talent.

We hope the final products will be worth the wait.

We are tentatively planning to release a headrest designed for Mirra 2 in late 2021 or early 2022. A headrest designed for Embody would come sometime in 2022.

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Customer Reviews

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All of our headrests our designed with ergonomics at the forefront.
Trust us, your spine will thank you.


Adjust position vertically, horizontally, and tilt to perfection. Adjust it to your personal preference, no matter your height.


Herman Miller should sell this with the chair. The engineering is incredible...
I recommend this 100%.

Brandon Middleton

Very comfortable, easy to adjust height and extension... Installation was quick and looks like it belongs on the chair.

Lane Roathe

This is the perfect addition to my home office! I thought I had it all with the Aeron. This is a must have!