Hey there! Welcome back for another update. You can check out last week's update here

We're posting this update a day later than usual, so the team could bust out an extra day of production and shipping before the holiday weekend. Next week, we'll be off on Monday and Tuesday. We'll respond to inquiries as much as we can over the weekend, and we'll be back in house again on Wednesday.

We've made it off the first day of pre-orders with all variants! 🎉 

Percentage Completion 
Check out the percentages for what's shipped in each variant to help get a clearer view on how far along into the queue we are. 

100% Completed 
- Canyon Sync Graphite Frame (EG1T3SY03)
- Blueberry Medley Graphite Frame (EG1G11HA15)
- Blueberry Medley White Frame (E91T1HA15)
- Khaki Medley Graphite Frame (EG1T1HA22)
- Khaki Medley White Frame (E91T1HA22)
- Pewter Medley Graphite Frame (EG1T1HA23) 
- Charcoal Rhythm Graphite Frame (EG1T3015)
- Berry Blue Rhythm Graphite Frame (EG1T3005)
- Black Sync Graphite Frame Translucent Back (EG1T3SY12)

- Black Sync Graphite Frame (EG1G13SY12) - 34%
- Black Sync White Frame (E91T3SY12) - 50%
- Dark Carbon Sync Graphite Frame (EG1T3SY11) - 28%
- Dark Carbon Sync White Frame (E91T3SY11) - 18%
- Nightfall Sync Graphite Frame (EG1T3SY08) - 79%
- Nightfall Sync White Frame (E91T3SY08) - 25%
- Canyon Sync White Frame (E91T3SY03) - 40% 
- Dark Mineral Sync Graphite Frame (EG1T3SY09) - 9%
- Dark Mineral Sync White Frame (E91T3SY09) - 17%

- Charcoal Medley Graphite Frame (EG1G11HA03) - 41%
- Charcoal Medley White Frame (E91T1HA03) - 83%
- Pewter Medley White Frame (E91T1HA23) - 0%
- Feather Medley Grey Graphite Frame (EG1T1HA09) - 8%
- Feather Medley Grey White Frame (E91T1HA09) - 14%
- Blue Grotto Medley Graphite Frame (EG1T1HA14) - 41%
- Blue Grotto Medley White Frame (E91T1HA14) - 16%

- Black Rhythm Graphite Frame (EG1G13014) - 93%
- Black Rhythm White Frame (E91T3014) - 69%
- Charcoal Rhythm White Frame (E91T3015) - 30%
- Twilight Rhythm Graphite Frame (EG1T3007) - 48%
- Twilight Rhythm White Frame (E91T3007) - 62%
- Berry Blue Rhythm White Frame (E91T3005) - 52%

- Black Gaming (EG1G13SY12) - 34%
- Black Cyan Gaming (EG1TCY3SY12) - 32%
- Galaxy Gaming (E91TGLZ1823) - 46%

What Shipped? 
Please note that this does not mean every order for these colors have shipped.
-Black Gaming
-Black Cyan Gaming
-Black Rhythm White Frame
-Charcoal Rhythm White Frame
-Berry Blue Rhythm White Frame
-Berry Blue Rhythm White Frame
-Twilight Rhythm Graphite Frame
-Twilight Rhythm White Frame
-Black Sync White Frame
-Black Sync Graphite Frame
-Dark Carbon Sync White Frame
-Dark Mineral Sync White Frame
-Dark Mineral Sync Graphite Frame
-Nightfall Sync Graphite Frame
-Nightfall Sync White Frame
-Charcoal Medley White Frame
-Blue Grotto Medley White Frame
-Feather Grey Medley White Frame
-Feather Grey Medley Graphite Frame
-Pewter Medley Graphite Frame
-Blueberry Medley White Frame
-Blueberry Medley Graphite Frame

What's next?
-All gaming variants
-Black Rhythm Graphite & White Frames
-Black Sync Graphite & White Frames
-Blue Grotto Medley Graphite & White Frames
-Dark Carbon Sync Graphite & White Frames
-Charcoal Medley Graphite & White Frames
-Dark Mineral Sync Graphite & White Frames
-Feather Grey Medley Graphite & White Frames
-Nightfall Sync Graphite & White Frames
-Charcoal Rhythm White Frame
-Pewter Medley White Frame

Thanks for checking out this week's blog, and we'll be back again this time next week with another update! 

With gratitude, 
Your friends at Atlas Headrest