Back Order Shipping Update Week 13

Back Order Shipping Update Week 13

Hello there!

We hope you had a very safe and warm Thanksgiving holiday and weekend. We've got this week's update hot off the press for you, so let's jump in!

Address Changes:
With the gap between order date and shipping date continuing to decrease, we wanted to give a friendly reminder to check the address on file for your order and get in touch if you need to update your address prior to your order shipping out.

You can reach out to our customer service team at, and we'll help get you taken care of.

September Orders:
We're super stoked to report that September orders completed shipping just before the long weekend.

October Orders:
You're up! We've already begun dipping into October orders, so we should have that timeframe finished up in the next 1-1.5 weeks.

Looking Ahead:
At our current rate, we are expecting to have the back order queue completed up to November 15th within 2-3 weeks. 

Variants that have completed shipping up to November 15th so far: 

  • Yellow Oxide  Medley Graphite  Frame
  • Stone Medley White  Frame
  • Stone  Medley Graphite  Frame
  • Pewter Medley White  Frame
  • Khaki Medley Graphite  Frame
  • Cinder Medley Graphite Frame Translucent back
  • Chartreuse Medley Graphite Frame
  • Blueberry Medley Graphite  Frame
  • Bayou  Medley White  Frame
  • Bayou Medley Graphite  Frame
  • Twilight Rhythm White  Frame
  • Twilight Rhythm Graphite  Frame
  • Wild Berry Sync Graphite  Frame
  • Slate Grey Sync Graphite  Frame
  • Pine Cone Sync Graphite  Frame
  • Pine Cone Sync White  Frame

That ties up the update for this week! Be sure to check in next week to see where we're at in the back order queue. 

With gratitude,
Your friends at Atlas Headrest

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