Adapter for Haworth Fern Chair

Sale price$25.00

NOTE: If you do not already own one of our Aeron headrests, you should buy a Complete Fern Headrest here

This adapter requires ONE OF OUR AERON HEADRESTS TO BE COMPLETE. The most popular choice is the CUSHION VERSION.

If you just buy this adapter by itself or choose an uncommon combination of parts we will reach out to make sure you have all the parts needed before shipping. Due to our high email volume it may take a little bit to coordinate with you.

These adapters are usually built to order. Expect a few weeks for your ENTIRE order to ship.

We recommend choosing a headrest color that best compliments your chair. 

Since Aeron chair colors may not correspond with what you expect on your Fern chair here's a list:

  • Light Grey = Mineral
  • Medium Grey = Carbon
  • Dark Grey = Graphite
  • Black = Black

If you buy the adapter and a headrest at the same time, we will assume it's going directly on a Fern chair and will assemble everything for you.

Some mechanical aptitude and ability to assemble parts is required if you are adding this to an Atlas Headrest you already have. We have an assembly video we will share.

Color: Light Grey

Estimated delivery:

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews

It took a while to show up but is really good quality.
Thank you for making a good product!

Kaleb Webber
Perfect match

I now have an Atlas headrest for my Haworth Fern and the colors match perfectly thanks to you guys reaching out to make sure i have the correct color. Its super comfy and adjustable too i love it


The adapter for Haworth is great because give you more options for a headrest. My only gripe is that the finish isn’t as nice as I had hoped for a chair that near $1,700 price point. But the adapter is only 25 bucks so I won’t dig the score since and will still give it 5 out of 5. But I do hope in the future there is an updated model that is a bit more premium.

Great Headrest

People at Atlas Headrest are great advisor and will make sure you’ve order the right headrest for you, and the component you need.
Thanks Atlas!


If you don't have it get it so that you can get the headrest for your Fern chair.

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