Getting to Know Your Headrest

Getting to Know Your Headrest

Say hello to your new best friend.

A headrest designed to cradle the neck and sit at the base of the skull to provide maximum ergonomic support to an already brilliant chair. Everyone’s thinking it, Atlas is just getting it done. 

Atlas Headrest for the Aeron chair


Atlas Headrest

From manufacturing the headrest to the install on a chair, Atlas has always and continues to be committed to providing the best comfort experience possible through on-going research and development. Created and configured by a development engineer, who holds 17 patents with Herman Miller, and a former Herman Miller designer, who also worked closely with designers Bill Stumpf and Don Chadwick, this fine instrument showcases just how to enhance an icon. 

Headrest How-To

Specially engineered hardware can be intimidating to set up on your own. Before we get started on what to know about using the Atlas Headrest, check out our quick video on getting your new set up installed.





Now that you’ve got your headrest set up, let’s see what this puppy can do.


How high or low can it go?

To provide you with a trouble-free posture shift, the headrest and arm exhibits a horizontal travel range of 3” and a vertical height of 11” over the back of your Aeron chair.

Want to know more about how we decided on these measurements? Check out our research paper from our case study.


Hit that pose. 

The spectrum of comfort is vast, and everyone falls into their own unique place on that scale. To encourage movement while maintaining a supported posture, the Atlas Headrest is equipped with a versatile range of motion.

When getting acquainted with the various adjustments, it is recommended that the knobs be tightened enough to allow for easy adjustments to the horizontal and vertical positions when slightly more force is applied than what your head exerts on the headrest while in a seated position.



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