Comfort and Healthy Sitting

Comfort & Healthy Sitting

Bill Stumpf and Don Chadwick taught us that comfort was the result of having a wide range of postural choices. It feels good to be able to move around. It’s also healthy, because the different local parts of your body are relieved when the next part takes over. It’s kind of like a relay race.
Atlas has a wide range of effortless adjustment that gives you the position that feels good now, and feels good when you change it a little later. It doesn’t lock you into a fixed, uncomfortable, unhealthy posture.
Dr. Joan Vernikos supports this approach to sitting: “…standing on the job is not good for you. It’s about interrupting the sitting. The interrupting of sitting is not necessarily walking; it is the change in posture [that matters]”
For more from Dr. Vernikos, read her book Sitting Kills, Moving Heals.