Welcome to one of our final updates on our progress through the pre-order queue!
Check out last week's blog here.

It's been a time coming, and we are so grateful to have been joined by so many awesome people on this incredible journey of growth. It took us longer than expected to get here, but we're now in the final weeks of the pre-order fulfillment process!

This week, we finished off all remaining pre-order variants besides the Black Sync variants. To further clarify, the outstanding combos include the Black Gaming and Black Cyan gaming variants.

Percentage Completion of Outstanding Pre-Order Variants:
- Black Sync Graphite Frame (EG1G13SY12) - 87%
- Black Gaming (EG1G13SY12) - 87%
- Black Cyan Gaming (EG1TCY3SY12) - 86%

Here are all the pre-order variants that have completed shipping:
- White Galaxy Gaming (E91TGLZ1823)
- Black Sync White Frame (E91T3SY12)
- Dark Carbon Sync Graphite Frame (EG1T3SY11)
- Canyon Sync Graphite Frame (EG1T3SY03)
- Canyon Sync White Frame (E91T3SY03)
- Dark Mineral Sync Graphite Frame (EG1T3SY09)
- Dark Mineral Sync White Frame (E91T3SY09)
- Dark Carbon Sync White Frame (EG1T3SY11)
- Nightfall Sync Graphite Frame (EG1T3SY08)
- Nightfall Sync White Frame (E91T3SY08)
- Black Sync Graphite Frame Translucent Back (EG1T3SY12)
- Blueberry Medley Graphite Frame (EG1G11HA15)
- Blueberry Medley White Frame (E91T1HA15)
- Khaki Medley Graphite Frame (EG1T1HA22)
- Khaki Medley White Frame (E91T1HA22)
- Pewter Medley Graphite Frame (EG1T1HA23)
- Pewter Medley White Frame (E91T1HA23)
- Feather Grey Medley Graphite Frame (EG1T1HA09)
- Feather Grey Medley White Frame (E91T1HA09)
- Charcoal Medley White Frame (E91T1HA03)
- Charcoal Medley Graphite Frame (EG1G11HA03)
- Blue Grotto Medley Graphite Frame (EG1T1HA14)
- Blue Grotto Medley White Frame (E91T1HA14)
- Charcoal Rhythm Graphite Frame (EG1T3015)
- Charcoal Rhythm White Frame (E91T3015)
- Berry Blue Rhythm Graphite Frame (EG1T3005)
- Berry Blue Rhythm White Frame (E91T3005)
- Black Rhythm Graphite Frame (EG1G13014)
- Black Rhythm White Frame (E91T3014)
- Twilight Rhythm Graphite Frame (EG1T3007)
- Twilight Rhythm White Frame (E91T3007)

Back Orders/Post Launch Colors
We will immediately be jumping into back orders/post launch color orders once pre-order shipping is finished. We want to communicate that there has been limited visibility on ETA's for those orders due to some uncertainty around how long it will take for us to complete the pre-order queue.

We ran into a number of hinderances throughout the pre-order fulfillment process which caused many of our early estimates to become inaccurate, so in an effort to provide the most accurate updates on back orders, we wanted to hold off until we were closer to the start-up of back order production.

We will be posting regular updates on which timeframe of the queue we are working through each week to our website, Facebook, Instagram, and Reddit. You guys have been awesome throughout this process, and we can't thank you enough for your continued support all along the way. 

What's Next? 
Our team is expecting to complete the remaining Black Sync variants next week. We are working through the end of March right now, so we are confident we will get the remainder of the pre-order queue spun up over the next 1-1.5 weeks. 

Thanks for checking out our update! We'll see you next week with another update. 

With gratitude,
Your friends at Atlas Headrest