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Back Orders & Post Launch Colors
As of 4/14, the Embody headrest is available for back-order. Please be aware that the oldest back orders are 5-9 weeks out from shipping at this time. The timeline for getting back orders into production is subject to move forward or backward as our team works to get the pre-order queue spun up. Back orders and post launch colors will begin production once all pre-orders have shipped. Please note that the percentage completion below pertains only to the pre-order queue.

Percentage Completion
- Black Sync Graphite Frame (EG1G13SY12) - 67%
- Black Sync White Frame (E91T3SY12) - 87%
- Dark Carbon Sync Graphite Frame (EG1T3SY11) - 64%
- Dark Carbon Sync White Frame (E91T3SY11) - 71%
- Nightfall Sync White Frame (E91T3SY08) - 85%
- Dark Mineral Sync White Frame (E91T3SY09) - 88%

- Charcoal Medley Graphite Frame (EG1G11HA03) - 86%
- Blue Grotto Medley White Frame (E91T1HA14) - 69%

- Black Rhythm White Frame (E91T3014) - 78%
- Charcoal Rhythm White Frame (E91T3015) - 64%
- Berry Blue Rhythm White Frame (E91T3005) - 77%

- Black Gaming (EG1G13SY12) - 67%
- Black Cyan Gaming (EG1TCY3SY12) - 64%
- Galaxy Gaming (E91TGLZ1823) - 83%

Pre-order Shipping 100% Completed 
- Canyon Sync Graphite Frame (EG1T3SY03)
- Canyon Sync White Frame (E91T3SY03)
- Dark Mineral Sync Graphite Frame (EG1T3SY09)
- Nightfall Sync Graphite Frame (EG1T3SY08)
- Black Sync Graphite Frame Translucent Back (EG1T3SY12)
- Blueberry Medley Graphite Frame (EG1G11HA15)
- Blueberry Medley White Frame (E91T1HA15)
- Khaki Medley Graphite Frame (EG1T1HA22)
- Khaki Medley White Frame (E91T1HA22)
- Pewter Medley Graphite Frame (EG1T1HA23)
- Pewter Medley White Frame (E91T1HA23)
- Feather Grey Medley Graphite Frame (EG1T1HA09)
- Feather Grey Medley White Frame (E91T1HA09)
- Charcoal Medley White Frame (E91T1HA03)
- Blue Grotto Medley Graphite Frame (EG1T1HA14)
- Charcoal Rhythm Graphite Frame (EG1T3015)
- Berry Blue Rhythm Graphite Frame (EG1T3005)
- Black Rhythm Graphite Frame (EG1G13014)*
- Twilight Rhythm Graphite Frame (EG1T3007)
- Twilight Rhythm White Frame (E91T3007)

What Shipped?
- Black Cyan Gaming
- Black Gaming
- Black Sync Graphite and White Frame
- Dark Carbon Sync White and Graphite Frame
- Nightfall Sync White Frame
- Dark Mineral Sync White Frame
- Charcoal Medley Graphite Frame
- Blue Grotto Medley White Frame
- Charcoal Rhythm White Frame
- Berry Blue Rhythm White Frame
- Black Rhythm Graphite Frame

What's Next?
We'll continue working through the remaining variants next week.

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