Back Order Shipping Update Week 7

Hi there! You can find last week's blog here

We are happy to share that we were able to close out the May 31st date range this past week!

Next week, we'll be working on shipping all orders placed between the beginning of June up to July 31st, 2023. 

We are currently about 5 weeks out from completing orders placed on or before September 15th.

Here's what has been completed up to September 15th so far:
- Stone Medley Graphite Frame
- Stone Medley White Frame
- Yellow Oxide Medley White Frame
- Yellow Oxide Medley Graphite Frame
- Khaki Medley Graphite Frame
- Khaki Medley White Frame
- Pewter Medley Graphite Frame
- Pewter Medley White Frame
- Peacock Rhythm Graphite Frame
- Pine Cone Sync Graphite Frame
- Slate Grey Sync  White Frame
- Bayou Medley White Frame
- Twilight Rhythm Graphite Frame
- Blueberry Medley White Frame

Thanks for reading our blog! We'll see you next week with a new progress update.

With gratitude,
Your friends at Atlas Headrest