Headrest for Classic Aeron Chair

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Our Classic Suspension headrests come with a Graphite frame. The color selection applies to the mesh color. Carbon is by far the most common color and accounts for approximately 80% of the Classic Aeron chair mesh.

Hands down the best headrest ever available for your chair. Built from the ground up to magnificently complement your chair and maximize your ergonomic investment.

Materials and workmanship have been perfected to flawlessly match your chair. Proudly Designed, Engineered, and Manufactured in the USA.

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Customer Reviews

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Michael Dela Cruz
How does this not come standard?

Wow. This piece fits the chair so well that it should just come like that from the factory. I bought it for me but now the wife loves it so much that I might have to buy another chair. Thank you Atlas!

Lori Randall
Love it!

Made my neck feel way better!

Paul N
Easy install, great fit, super comfortable

Easy install, great fit, super comfortable

James Nash
Done Right

This company does things the way things are supposed to be done. The product, service, speed of delivery, even the packaging—Done Right; The way things used to be done.

Kbm Ali

Headrest for Classic Aeron Chair

Alexandre Lessertisseur
Perfect complement

As the title says: it’s the perfect complement for an almost perfect chair ! Now I can rest my head and neck while I’m watching my monitor

Ramakrishna Shanker

Beautifully engineered and large range of adjustment. My aeron is 20 years old and the back mesh had become really slack. As a result the metal at the bottom of the headrest was contacting the back. I got a new backrest mesh and now all is good. A suggestion is Atlas may want to have the metal strip going down the back not curve in as it does, to accomodate old aerons with slack mesh on the back.
Very happy with the purchase.

Jaysen Fotland

Headrest for Classic Aeron Chair

Lukas Hammarström

5/5 easy to set up

Prefect headset

Really good made. Solid structure, easy to install and do adjustment, also great looking. It really looks like it's from Herman Miller. Nice product. I’m so happy for this purchase.


All of our headrests are designed with ergonomics at the forefront.
Trust us, your spine will thank you.


Adjust position vertically, horizontally, and tilt to perfection. Adjust it to your personal preference, no matter your height.


Herman Miller should sell this with the chair. The engineering is incredible...
I recommend this 100%.

Brandon Middleton

Very comfortable, easy to adjust height and extension... Installation was quick and looks like it belongs on the chair.

Lane Roathe

This is the perfect addition to my home office! I thought I had it all with the Aeron. This is a must have!